How to Recognize, Manage and Develop Business Opportunities

Seminars: Entrepreneurship & Intrepreneurship:

Technical professionals (including engineers) are becoming more important as business drivers– especially in technology based businesses. Today– more than ever before– engineers, scientists and technical professionals have the opportunity to develop new markets, products, and businesses.

Unfortunately, most technical professionals know few of the skills required to turn a good idea into a successful business. Learning is usually by trial and error, leading to unnecessary failures of good products and ideas.

We have designed this course to address this issue. In this course you will gain an understanding of what it takes to develop a new idea into a business.

What You Will Learn.

You will get an overview of the different skills necessary for a project or new product development to be successful, and an appreciation of how these principles interact.

You will learn:

  • How to recognize an opportunity
  • How to effectively manage enterprise projects
  • How to sell and market an idea
  • How to assemble and motivate a team
  • How to prepare a business plan
  • How to manage and lead
  • The fatal flaws that kill products
  • Roadmap for a successful project
  • Taking a product from nothing to something

Most importantly, you will get an understanding of how people really work together, what motivates them, and how the use of simple “people” skills can make you more efficient and effective.


The Entrepreneur and the Team * People Motivation and Hiring * Market Assessment * Opportunity Recognition * Benchmarking * Sales and Marketing * Project Management * Leadership * Intellectual Property * Making It Happen

Who Should Attend?

We developed this course for technical professionals who are, or want to be the driving force behind a new product or business opportunity. This audience includes engineers, project managers, engineering managers, scientists, professors, and other professionals who have the drive and motivation to “make things happen”.

Benefits of Entrepreneurship & Intrepreneurship:

  • Learn how to “Make things Happen”
  • Learn why some people can’t, and how to recognize them early
  • Learn how to be more effective in your present job
  • Cut down significantly the amount of wasted effort in your life.
  • Learn how to get people to work effectively with you and for you
  • Learn how to recognize real opportunities
  • Learn how to create a plan that will get funded


Attendance Limitations and Liability: Attendance is limited and is on a first-come, first served basis. If the session is full by the time you register, we will inform you of alternate dates. If the session is cancelled, our liability is limited to the registration fee.

Certificates: Certificates of participation will be awarded to those who complete the course.

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