Business Optimization

Gina Macdonald leads our Business Optimization Practice.

We work with companies to enhance sales and marketing efforts and process improvement as well as risk management.  We have considerable experience in turnarounds, restructuring and strategic alternatives, including:

  • Assessing a portfolio or company’s situation and determining how to meet performance goals
  • Guiding executive teams in financing alternatives, turnaround strategy and crisis response
  • Developing or repositioning products or services and penetrating new markets
  • Establishing zero-based budgeting and developing cost control and revenue optimization programs
  • Collaborating with teams, inside or outside the company, to bring new technology, services or products to market
  • Developing strategies to gather customer-driven input to rapidly assess a company’s or product’s strengths and weaknesses and potential profitable market niche; triage products to separate out high margin, high opportunity products from low margin, commodity products with limited future.
  • Establishing metrics and accountability to meet revenue goals–utilize sales and marketing and audit, improving branding, marketing product segmentation, revamping CRM process and bringing discipline and accountability to sales teams.

Our Business Optimization practice is now joined Promontory Growth and Innovation LLC.  Gina is a Partner and Managing Director of PGI (

PGI has a proprietary process for working with large organizations to deliver real cost savings.  This method has consistently delivered real and sustainable profit increases of 20% to 30% over a number of assignments.  As PGI’s fees are 100% tied to a company’s profit improvement, PGI and the Client share in bottom line success.   PGI knows that lasting change cannot be brought to an organization from the outside and that nobody knows your company better than you do.  For these reasons, PGI uses a very different process to help companies drive change from within.

Our approach, The PGI Promise, is a very structured and collaborative method used to grow revenues and reduce costs.  We solve problems side-by-side with you.  We channel the collective intelligence from within to develop the best solutions for your company.  We don’t deliver presentations; we help you develop thousands of actions for performance improvement and change (some big, some small) that fit the unique circumstances of your company and your environment.

PGI is affiliated with Promontory Financial Group, the world’s premier financial services consulting firm.  Our approach is industry independent and can be applied to any company, provided it is large enough.  The senior team of PGI has managed profit improvement projects in many different industries such as utilities, health care, transportation, real estate, food manufacturing, financials services and insurance.

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