Class Prework


If you are coming to a seminar, you may have been asked to take some surveys or do some reading. The links to this information is below:

This set of tests is a very quick (and not meant to be accurate) survey of your personality, how you make decisions, and how you may fit to your corporate culture and corporate personality.

Prework Tests in Excel

An explanation of what these tests mean is available here.  We will go over this in more detail in class  (this is currently a wrong file – use the one from the “notes page”)

Your Personality – what does this mean

Corporate Culture and Personality – What does this mean

Caution:  Please be aware that you can take a 3-day course in each of the personality facets that are outlined here.  The DISC assessment business alone is very popular.  The tests here are only meant to give you a quick insight into some of the differences among people, not to be an accurate assessment of you.  Do not over react, please.

Case Studies:

Case Studies – You may be asked to read the case studies prior to coming to class.  Please read and familiarize yourself with them

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