Best-Practices Assessments

We offer a Business Effectiveness Assessment, which benchmarks key areas of a business against best-practices. We also offer partial assessments, which investigate specific areas of a business for effectiveness, including:

  1.  New Opportunity Assessment
  2.  Sales, Revenue and Margin Assessment:
  3.  Leadership Assessment
  4.  Corporate Culture Assessment
  5.  Corporate Personality Assessment

Our Business Effectiveness benchmarking process is designed to address the following questions:

  • Do we have a competitive offering that the market values?
  • Do we have a robust process to acquire revenue at acceptable margins?
  • Do we deliver to our customer’s expectations?
  • Do we provide competent teams and an efficient and effective working environment?
  • Are our leaders effective, and adequately managing risks?

This process uses the concept of “Fatal Flaw Analysis”. This concept states that while there may be many paths to success, the missteps that can kill you are common across most ventures.

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