Course Descriptions

We offer the “Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship” series of courses.  These courses are offered publicly, in-house at client sites, and at MIT for the MIT community. For information on public and in-house sessions, please contact us.

How to Recognize, Manage and Develop Business Opportunities Developing a technology-based business or product – The road map for Entrepreneurship.

Intrepreneurship: “Effectiveness in a Technical Organization – Making things happen inside a large organization.

How to Communicate and Sell Effectively – Understanding the science of how people interact, make decisions, and take action

You may find out more information about these courses by clicking on the course links above.

A set of the class notes for the  “Intrapreneurship” course is available here

Some interesting self tests, which will help you understand your personality, your corporate culture and corporate personality, and how they may fit (or not fit) are also available here.

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